frequently asked questions

About us

Watch the Winner is a business from GER that would like to entertain you with information about luxury watches and also gives everyone the chance to get expensive watches in a competition.

Our head office is at Museumsacker 4, 24997 Wanderup, Germany

How does it work?

Choose the number of tickets you want and answer the question in our knowledge quiz. If you answered the question correctly, you're in!

The cost of a ticket depends on the value of the prize and the number of tickets in the current raffle.

The limit per person, per competition is 100 tickets.

The live draw takes place 48 hours after the end of the competition.

We would like to make our raffle as transparent as possible and enable you to be there live at every draw.

We ask you a new question at every competition to test your knowledge. But honestly, that shouldn't be a problem for you, should it?

If you are of legal age in your country, you can take part in the competition.

If you are sure that it complies with the law in your country you can enter.

We don't assume, but: In the event that we haven't sold all of the tickets, we will either end the competition or extend it.

Winners and Prizes

Congratulations! In the event that you are the winner of the current competition, we will announce your name and your country in the live draw. We will also contact you personally.

We will bring the prize to you for free. If possible, we will try to hand over the prize personally. In some cases this is not possible, so we cannot promise this, but we do our best!

However, there may be further import/registration or luxury duties in certain countries which we do not pay.  In this situation, the winner will be liable for these costs.  It is a matter for the winner to decide.

The protection of your personal data is very important to us!

Therefore we will not publish any personal data.

However, the winner agrees to the publication of pictures and / or videos and his first and last name on this website and our social media platforms.

Did you notice the ambiguity?

Okay, joke aside.

You can see the live draw at the end of the competition.

We will determine the winner from all tickets purchased that have provided a correct answer via a secure, certified third-party authority. We use


The winner of a competition can decide which local non-profit organization the donation should go to.
So, it's up to you whether you want to support your local fire department or another organization in your area, for example.