About Us

Who We Are

Watchthewinner, this is Chris & Chris, two friends who love watches.As with most of the watch enthusiasts, it all started with a watch. After that, the magic of one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelery cast its spell over us.An now, golftempel would like to enchant you as well.

Our promise

Watchthewinner gives you the promise, that we will do our best to accompany you through the world of watches or bring you into this.We want to achieve this by providing you with daily information on luxury watches, news and of course great prizes.we not only want to share what we love with you, we also want to give love to others at the same time. With our great charity project you have the opportunity to decide which local , non-profit organisation you would like to support.

Our goal

Our goal is not to let your dream be just a dream, we want your dream to come true by making expensive and luxurious watches accessible to everyone with our competitions.